At a Glance 2021



Patrick Pouyanné,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TotalEnergies

Today, Total Is Transforming to Become TotalEnergies.

Our Ambition Is to Be a Major Player in the Energy Transition. 

May 28, 2021 marks a major milestone in the history of our Company: by shareholder decision at the Annual General Meeting, Total became TotalEnergies!

This decision aims to anchor in our identity the strategic transformation we have undertaken so we can fulfill our mission of providing more affordable, clean and reliable energy to as many people as possible more effectively than ever. More energy, fewer emissions: that is the dual challenge the world and the energy industry are facing. At TotalEnergies, we intend to help meet that challenge.

Our ambition is to get to net zero emissions across our global operations by 2050, together with society. We are reinventing and diversifying our energy offering to promote renewable and decarbonized energies, as well as sparing, well-considered use of fossil energies.

By moving to new energies, we are also encouraging our customers to change their consumption habits, prefer energy efficiency and turn to low-carbon solutions first.
In this issue of At a Glance, we invite you to come with us as we produce, transport, trade and distribute energy all the way to the end user, with the firm belief that our integrated, broad energy strategy is a competitive advantage that creates long-term value.

In the coming decade, TotalEnergies will become a truly broad energy company and major player in the energy transition so we can contribute to the planet’s sustainable development in the face of the climate challenge.