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The Carbon Cycle

The Carbon Cycle

Four major reservoirs store carbon in different forms:

  • The atmosphere, in the form of gas
  • The biosphere, in the form of organic matter (including forests)
  • The oceans, in the form of limestone, dissolved CO2 and marine fauna and flora (plankton)
  • The sub-surface, in the form of rocks, sediment and fossil fuels(1)

Thanks to photosynthesis, the biosphere absorbs part of the carbon released by human activity into the atmosphere. In the biosphere, forests are the main carbon sinks. According to estimates, they absorb a net 9.5 billion tons of CO2 each year(2). Deforestation, on the other hand, increases CO2 emissions.

The nature-based solutions developed by TotalEnergies are designed to preserve these natural carbon sinks by conserving existing forests or planting new ones. We also invest in regenerative agriculture and wetlands. The benefits are measured in tons of sequestered carbon and certified in accordance with recognized standards.